Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In Praise of Pitbulls

I never thought I'd write a blog post about dogs-- I have no pets (I'm allergic to dogs and cats, in fact) and I admit to being genuinely puzzled by folks who treat their pet like a finicky human child (will your dog refuse to eat unless you buy it gourmet pet food?); I've even known some people who talk to their pet more than they talk to their colleagues or neighbors.  I do realize that because I'm not a pet-owner, it's hard for me to understand the emotions of people who dote on their dog or cat (or any other pet). But just because I don't share those emotions, that doesn't mean I have no empathy for the pet-owners who see their animals as companions or even friends.

And that is why I am puzzled by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which seems to have decided that some dogs don't deserve to be loved or befriended-- PETA seems to have bought into the belief that one breed-- pit bulls -- is inherently dangerous and incapable of being a good pet.  According to this logic, breed-specific bans are necessary, because pit bulls are attack dogs, and only by banning them can we all be safe.  (In one famous opinion piece, PETA's president went even farther, saying that the only way to spare people from being bitten is to make sure that no more pit bulls are born. You can read it here:

Of course, research has repeatedly shown that pit bulls are no more likely to attack than many other breeds, and that any dog who is poorly raised can be taught to act viciously.  Sadly, that is what has happened to pit bulls: they have been used in dog-fighting, and some have been trained to act in a menacing way.  But that is not the fault of the breed; it's the fault of their owners.  Based on what I've read, and based on conversations with responsible pit bull owners, "pitties" can be sweet, friendly, and affectionate-- if that is how they are raised. You may have seen a TV show on the National Geographic channel called "Dogtown," about Best Friends Animal Society, an organization which rehabilitates dogs, training them and helping them to overcome past abuse. Their goal is to prove that few dogs are hopeless cases.  (Best Friends rehabilitated many of the dogs abused by Michael Vick.  And while a small number of those animals were in fact too vicious to be helped, the vast majority turned out to be extremely friendly and able to be adopted into good homes. You can find out more about the work Best Friends does with pit bulls here: 

I wanted to write this because I know someone whose pit bull, a cuddly and friendly family pet, was arbitrarily removed from that home due to a local ordinance that banned anyone from owning a pit bull.  As someone who hates it when human beings are stereotyped, I am equally dismayed by stereotyping an entire breed of animal:  since there's no scientific proof that pit bulls are inherently dangerous, and since there's a lot of evidence that if they have good owners, they can be wonderful pets, I fail to see the benefit of demonizing their species. Rather, I'd like to see stronger penalties for people who abuse these dogs or use them for fighting.  In many cities, animal abuse gets one the proverbial "slap on the wrist."  That needs to change.

Meanwhile, all over the country, there are pit bulls who are in shelters, waiting for someone to give them a chance.  Many will be euthanized before that happens.  As I said earlier, I am not a pet owner, but I absolutely understand how much comfort a companion animal can bring.  And if that animal is a pit bull, it doesn't necessarily mean anyone will be in danger.  Rather, I am told by friends who own one that the vast majority of pit bulls are loyal and sweet.  I agree with Best Friends and other advocacy groups that it's time for the states and cities with breed-specific bans to reconsider them. People who can give these dogs a loving home should be allowed to do so.  And as someone who likes to see factual information, I believe it's also time for the myths about pit bulls to end.  To help with that, here's a good site that refutes the misconceptions people have about this breed-- and hey, even Betty White says pit bulls can make wonderful pets!


  1. Here in the UK we have a 'Dangerous Dog Act' which bans the ownership of certain breeds of dog including pit bulls. This was introduced in the early 1990s after a series of incidents causing serious injury and death involving these breeds.

    There is no doubt that certain breeds have an image that attracts certain types of owners in this country who see the dog as enforcing the image they would like others to have of them and accordingly, do little to dissuade people from that image and, in fact, positively enforce and encourage it. When the dog involved has such power and strength, it is a dangerous mix (cute little Yorkshire Terriers can be aggressive too but they wouldn't do you much harm)

    I almost hesitate to say this as it sounds a little trite, but there are obvious parallels between this and the firearm control debate you are having in your country. A gun by itself is harmless but combined with a certain type of person, it is dangerous and the level of danger is proportional to the power of the weapon. I'm not in any way trying to equate a mistreated dog with a gun-toting psychopath but I think that it is a valid comparison in terms of using legislation to minimize risk.

  2. A message from a law enforcement agency.Pit Bull Update : To all that are concerned about the future of Pit Bulls and Pit Mix pups..............After extensive scientific studies and numerous behavioral sessions it has been conclusively proved that any issues with this breed and mixed breeds are usually caused by a human holding the other end of the leash. These pups are loyal, loveable, goofy and great animal companions. We need to end the ridiculous fear and media image NOW. Pits are unbelievable companion animals and to those that are "Pit People" THANK YOU !! Also to those shelters that continue to work with and adopt out these "hard to adopt" pups......Well THANK YOU !! I trust Pit Bulls and Pit mixes more than I trust the media...............Just sayin..............Capt

  3. 271/5000
    It is great that you speak up to protect the pets. I strongly agree with the views in this post. I really love animals. I often spend a lot of time researching everything I can about dog breeds, training, and how to take care of them.

  4. It's one of my older posts, but I still get comments about it. As I said, I don't have any pets, but I've seen first-hand that a good owner means a good pet, and it's well-known that dogs (of any breed) reflect how they are trained. I especially hope pit bull puppies in shelters can be given a chance to find a good home with a good owner, because evidence shows pit bulls can be wonderful pets!